Meet the OZ Sports team

OZ is at the intersection of live sports and gaming technologies. Our mission is to create spectacular video experiences for every sports league with no sacrifice in quality. Centred around our global roll-out of the OZ Connected Stadium for any sport, at any location.

Gudjon Mar Gudjonsson, CEO, product designer, tech innovator and a seasoned founder, leads the development. Gudjon has several patents and leads the innovation efforts at OZ Sports.

Audur Erlingsdóttir, CCO, Master's degree, Management of CreativeBusiness Processes, leading the drive at the office, running the operations and defining the processes.

Hannes Thor Halldorsson, COO, is the creative director. As a professional football player and film director he brings  a unique mix of experience with the eye of a filmmaker and the mind of an athlete.

Gylfi Einarsson, VP Sales, professional footballer (Leeds), co-founder and CEO of Iceland Tax Free. Experienced entrepreneur and operator, running businesses for over 15 years.

Baldur Gislason, Lead GPU Dev, seasoned developer within the CUDA framework. Has worked with a range of low level GPU-based graphics framework for use in advanced computation and graphics.

Dr. Paresh Kamble, Head of AI, Ph.D. in 'Visual tracking of sport entities like ball, players, etc.'. Paresh is leading the development and value creation of the machine learning practice at OZ Sports.

Halldór Már Kristmundsson, VP Products, seasoned streaming specialist that with years of experience from managing complex live streaming scenarios and setups.

Jonsi Stefansson, Executive Chairman, serial entrepreneur. EVP and CTO of Fortune 100 Silicon Valley software company. Successfully founded and exited 5 companies.